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    Brandi Knapp, LVT, CCRP
    Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner


    What is it?
    Physical therapy is used to restore, maintain, and promote optimal physical function, and has a well established scientific basis in humans and companion animals. 
    How does it work?
    Physical rehabilitation uses a variety of treatment interventions, such as manual therapy, including massage, stretching, passive range of motion and joint mobilization.  Electrical, laser, and thermal modalities, as well as therapeutic exercises help pets reach their goals to restore, maintain, and promote optimal fitness & function, wellness, and quality of life.
    When is it used?
    Rehabilitation can be used in any pet with movement disorders, weakness, pain, or limited endurance.  This includes recovery from an orthopedic or other surgery, as well as dogs with arthritis, tendonitis, and other soft tissue injuries.  Hunting, working dogs, and those dogs that perform strenuous physical activities, such as agility, racing, field trials, and Schutzhund are also ideal candidates. 
    How do I get started?
    A referral is needed by your primary care veterinarian, and then I will develop a plan specifically tailored to your pet’s needs.  An initial evaluation involves assessing strength, balance, pain and motion of joints, as well as gait analysis.  This information allows me to understand your pet’s limitations and how we can target them during therapy, and evaluate progress.  The number of sessions in the clinic is case dependent, and a home exercise program is almost always implemented.  Your primary care vet will stay informed of progress as rehabilitation moves forward.
    How long does it take to work?
    Results can often be seen after the first 30 minute session, but recovery is highly dependent on the extent of the condition or injury, and each patient. Several sessions over a period of time are generally implemented for optimal outcome. Certain modalities and exercises may be used throughout life to maintain function, wellness, and quality of life.
    For a copy of the K-Laser Brochure, please ask any staff member.
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    Brandi attended Montana State University studying Animal Science, and then graduated from Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology.  As a Licensed Veterinary Technician, Brandi joined CVVC in 2004.

    At the University of Tennessee, she became a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner.  Brandi's special interest in physical and laser therapy has already succeeded in helping many dogs.  Be sure and read her Success Stories to gain insight on how effective these therapies can be.

    Brandi is available in our clinic for appointments one day a week, and by e-mail 7 days a week.  Feel free to give her a call so she can answer any specific questions you may have or e-mail at

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    SUCCESS at its best.
    CVVC will have it no other way.


    Meet "Liberty"
    CVVC first met Liberty and her owners back in November of 2009 as a bright sweet bouncy puppy.
    At five and a half months, Liberty had a terrible accident when she was hit by a truck.  When presented to CVVC for care, Liberty was unable to use her hind legs and had abrasions on the inside of her right leg.
    The staff examed her thoroughly and immediately began IV fluids and pain medications were given.  Radiographs showed that she had a fractured left femur and pelvis.  Surgery was the first step to the long road to recovery.
    Following surgery, the next step was a rigourous physical rehabilitation program directed by Brandi. 
    "Liberty loved her rehab days and looked forward to Brandi’s help. She will miss her! She can walk on all four legs now!” Liberty was hit by a truck as a 5 ½ month old puppy and had a comminuted fracture in her left hind leg. Her hip was completely dislocated and she had several fractures present in her pelvis. Dr. Searle did orthopedic surgery and placed a bone plate and toggle pin to repair her severe injuries. Liberty started physical rehabilitation immediately after surgery. A short video of the first day she started to place weight on her broken leg can be seen. Liberty continued to make great improvements from that point on, and is a very special girl."  Liberty's Owner
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    “I wanted Chucky to have the opportunity to improve as much as possible after his spinal surgery. We both had a very positive experience with Brandi, she is knowledgeable and shares that information. She works very well with Chucky, is kind, reassuring, and encourages him.”



    "Tasha made noticeable improvements after each visit. The goal was to get her to begin using her leg and she is acting like she never had surgery!”


    "Brandi helped us enormously to understand the importance of rehabilitation after surgery. Dot’s has reached all of her goals and is using the leg 99% of the time, which is amazing considering 3 weeks after her first surgery, she had to have her other knee operated on. I never felt like Brandi was hurried, she was willing to answer many questions, and gave both Dots and I all the time we needed.”
    "I was referred by my vet, after Cheyenne’s surgery, to Brandi for physical rehabilitation. She showed knowledge, compassion, and sincerity. I have learned exercises to continue at home to help improve mobility and increase use of her leg. We both enjoyed our physical rehab sessions with her!”
     “After Ritz’s spinal surgery, we had been shown some stretches by the surgeon, but only saw slight improvement. We carried him everywhere, brought his food to him. Physical therapy was offered by Brandi, and this was Ritz’s turning point. Once weekly sessions with her, and he started improving rapidly. He could walk on his own, though wobbly. We returned after 3 weeks of vacation and couldn’t believe the improvement! He was walking on his own really well, and even going down steps to the yard. His back end doesn’t fish-tail anymore and his confidence is back. Brandi explained everything very well and is extremely professional. We always felt that we were leaving him in capable and loving hands.  We especially owe Brandi our gratitude, for encouraging us and Ritz to just keep at it. It has certainly paid off!  Thank you!” 
    “Grace can sit quickly, she can get up easily, and clearly enjoys greater mobility. The rehab sessions were very helpful and accelerated her healing after surgery. Brandi really helped Grace heal properly and quickly, thank you!” 


    "Peggy Sue"    
    "Peggy Sue had surgery down in Seattle for a ruptured intervertebral disc, causing paralysis in her hind limbs.  Her veterinarian referred her to Brandi for physical rehab after surgery.  Peggy Sue's parents tell us "We are very satisfied and results could not have been better.  The exercises were easy to do at home with clear instructions being given.  Her recovery was more than expected in a short period of time." After recently speaking with Peggy Sue's parents, they tell us she is now unstoppable once again, jumping and running around in the grass, spending her days soaking up the sun in their winter residence in the south."


    “I’m amazed at how quickly Sophie recovered. It was a great experience for all of us…I don’t think this would have happened without Brandi’s therapy and home guidance.” 


    Dear Clients – thank you for these kind words:

    “Brandi was very kind to Nonee. Her communication to me was clear and concise. She answered every question I had and was genuinely concerned about Nonee. Brandi really helped with Nonee’s recovery.” Nonee Byron
    “I feel I have my friend back. Couldn’t be happier with the results, although I still have a lot of steps left to continue her rehab. Diva is well on her way to being able to get back into her normal routine and activities (agility, beyond basics classes, volunteering). You are doing great, keep it up!” Leeanne Evans
    “Brandi is so awesome and so caring for the animals she works with. Such a wonderful experience to have to go through with her.” Linda Tafari
    “Brandi is positive, knowledgeable, and professional. She freely offers information and assessments in clear and understandable ways. I can’t imagine it is possible to do better.” Phil Cook