Fun Time

Photo Contest:

We love pet photos!!!! We just can’t get enough photos of our client’s pets. Help us see how many photos we can place into the CVVC Photo Booth.
Email a .jpeg photo to and we will place it in our booth.
Click to enter CVVC Photo Booth
Good Animal Reads:
            Do you have a suggested book for our on-line viewers? 
            If so, please send your book recommendations to and we will
            list it here.
            Has anyone read the following?  If so, let us know what you thought.
                                          What a Difference a Dog Makes by Dana Jennings
                                          Dewey's Nine Lives by Vicki Myron
Video Contest:
            We also invite our clients to submit a short video of their special pet. 
            Coming soon:   Video contest – Website viewers will submit and vote on-line.
Feline Lovers:
            For the cat lover who thought they had it all.  Check out Paul & Joe's Lipstick C (as in cat).     

 In the Spirit?

          Personalize the label with your canine's photo and caption.  Check out

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