Educational Opportunities

Client Educational Evenings:

On occasion, our clinic holds educational evenings where we welcome our clients and the community with an opportunity to participate in a discussion regarding a pre-determined topic. You will find our Veterinarians and staff sharing interesting information and facts that will benefit you and your pet along with a chance to interact and ask any questions you may have. Some of our past discussions have been:

·                     Pet First Aid
·                     Pearly White Night - Dental Awareness
·                     Diet and Exercise
·                     Canine Arthritis
·                     In Between Professional Grooms
·                     Fleas and Ticks
·                     Geriatric Wellness Night
·                     Canine Weight Loss Challenge
.               Feline Behavior
Please feel free to contact our clinic for a list of upcoming topics we will be covering and corresponding dates and times. We look forward to your participation.
Obedience Classes:
Our clinic offers obedience classes for pets of all ages.  Under our companion animal services section you can find additional information about the upcoming classes along with class dates. 
Growing Up With Pets:
The link from Novartis provides helpful information about raising children around pets.  The American Kennel Club has provided information within their site that you may find helpful.
Community Outreach:
We assist members of our community by teaching and sharing what we proudly do day in and day out.  On occasion you will see a group of children with chaperones being escorted by CVVC team members on a field trip.
We open our doors to groups such as:  Local 4-H groups, pre-school students, and those who participate in summer camps through the Burlington Parks and Recereation Center.  For many years we have had the wonderful opportunity to assist kids in the ACTS program of Burlington. 
Thank you Bonnie Campbell for the following compliments.  We love having your groups come in and learn about veterinary medicine.
“Each year, the Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic works with Burlington students through the ACTS (Able, Creative and Talented Students) Program. Their involvement is part of a class offered on Veterinary Medicine to 6th graders who are interested in learning about the profession and are considering going in to it.”
“The classes cover basic information about education requirements, specialty areas and what veterinarians do. The students begin by donning lab coats, and then spend time with the staff there at the clinic. Activities include studying anatomy through a dissection of a real animal, observing the every day clinic life of the staff, and talking with the doctors as they work with the animals. They examine x-rays, learn the workings of the clinic, visit the animals there and perform a simulated surgery on a furry little friend. The young “doctors” go through all the preparatory steps and even try their hand at doing sutures.”
“The Chuckanut Valley Clinic staff is welcoming and patient while having these extra little bodies around for two days. Dr. Brown and Dr. Knopf do a great deal of preparation and talk with the students at length when they arrive. They lead the small groups and teach in an incredibly efficient and personal manner.”
“I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate them providing this valuable experience for our 6th graders. Many of the students talk about it years later as one of the most memorable experiences they have had. It gives them a chance to set goals and look to the future.”
“We are blessed to have a clinic with caring staff like this in our community-a staff who support and are dedicated to the education of Burlington’s students.”
“A HUGE THANK YOU to Dr. Brown, Dr. Knopf and everyone at the clinic!”
With Sincere Thanks,
Bonnie Campbell
ACTS Coordinator
Burlington-Edison School District


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