Sonicare Brushing with Scout

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean can seem like a full time chore for pet owners. Professional cleanings are sometimes necessary to remove the tarter and plaque from the teeth and to assess the health of the mouth. Once clean, what is the best way to keep the plaque from collecting and forming tarter again? We feel that brushing is best. Pet toothpaste is used as human products can be harmful if swallowed and dogs don’t spit and rinse. Slowly introduce your dog to the toothpaste by letting the dog lick it off the toothbrush or your finger. Using a gauze square, gently rub the toothpaste onto the outside of the teeth in the front, slowly working your way back to the molars. Don’t try to do too much the first few times. Make this a happy “treat” moment, the toothpaste being the treat. Next introduce the toothbrush with the toothpaste. Be sure the size of the toothbrush is appropriate to the size of the dog. If the gauze square works better, continue using this or you can try a “finger brush”. Once the dog is used to this, make this a special time for you and your pet by doing this every day. Mornings can be busy so I brush my dog’s teeth at night right after I brush my own. 

My dog Scout is a super tarter builder. She has had her teeth professionally cleaned 3 times in the past 4 years. Try as I might, I was not getting into the habit of brushing her teeth. Having her teeth cleaned is not inexpensive, so the last time they were cleaned, I made myself a promise to keep up with the brushing. She was cooperating and putting up with my mauling her mouth when it came to me that she might be willing to put up with the SoniCare that I use myself. I had just replaced my brush so I used the old one for her. I first brushed her teeth with it off, then turned it on beside her, then turned off and started brushing again, turning it on in the process. She was a little surprised but did not draw away, in fact, she liked it. I have continued every night to brush her teeth and if I forget, she reminds me. She has pushed open the door to come in and wait her turn. Her teeth have never been better, no tarter and the gums are pink and healthy. Without brushing, her teeth would have needed another cleaning by now. It has been 5 months of brushing once a day and it is now a healthy habit for us. My wallet has never been happier!